A United Effort To Eradicate Harmful Pesticides Is Underway

by Source Intelligence

on September 24, 2015


As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, many groups are taking strides to improve existing conditions and safeguards.

Worldwide Initiative to Eradicate Hazardous Pesticides


According to an article published by businessmirror.com, over two dozen public-interest groups operating in the Philippines recently expressed their approval for a collaboration to establish a worldwide initiative that seeks to eradicate highly hazardous pesticides. Their support was matched by non-profit groups and other parties interested in taking action at the International Conference on Chemical Management.

The initiative also has backing from the World Health Organization and the United Nations, showcasing the united effort to improve health standards for farmers and wildlife. A proposal is also in effect to bring safer, more environmentally aware alternatives to end-users of the pesticides. The world it seems, is advancing by leaps and bounds to make chemical management a joint effort.


Toward Chemical Safety and Risk Management


As various groups collaborate to make conditions safer for farmers and the environment, the noticeable trend towards chemical safety is becoming more apparent. Reducing risk and protecting the environment is on the forefront of many industry leader’s minds. Ignoring hazards in the supply chain and their effect on the environment can prove detrimental to a company’s image. To find out how Source Intelligence can mitigate that risk, click here for a chemical management platform demo.


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