Can a Podcast Fight Corruption in Nigeria?


In a country struggling to mitigate a myriad of political, economic, and financial issues, there has been a challenge to effectively deal with these issues. As the government has seen programs for change come and go, there are those who have started to think outside the box.

Technology in  Fighting Corruption


According to an article published by Quartz, “The Nigerian government is determined to reform its most important revenue sector, the oil industry, which has long been known for mismanagement, corruption, and opaque business practices…”, this comes at a time where technology is playing an increasing role with how many are handling the situation.

Amongst some of the key players in the oil industry is the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC). Whilst considering different ways to tackle some of the most daunting tasks that face the industry, the NNPC has devised several contemporary strategies. The most prominent in the face of corruption has been to record and disseminate podcasts.

While mainly used for information and updates, the podcasts offer a unique opportunity for the NNPC to communicate internal reports in an effort to increase transparency. This is in the wake of a recent scandal in which Nigeria’s former minister of petroleum was arrested for allegedly laundering 20 billion dollars from the organization.

While NNPC has taken proactive steps to ending corruption through unorthodox means, the fact remains that there is still a long way to go. Many organizations now have to face the reality that there is inherent risk when doing business globally. To find out how Source Intelligence can help your organization mitigate this risk, click here.


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