Modern Day Slavery In The Supply Chain

by Source Intelligence

on June 17, 2016


Globalization has opened opportunities for unprecedented growth for businesses but has also added a level of complexity to supply chains that have increased the risk of modern day slavery and forced labor going undetected in complex supply chains.

Mitigating Forced Labor In The Supply Chain Is A Complex Task. Globalized supply chains, unresponsive suppliers, and poor data quality all contribute to the threat of forced labor going undetected in the supply chain. As existing regulations evolve, and more regions of the world are adopting new regulations, it is imperative that companies learn how to identify warning signs, and mitigate the risk of slavery in their supply chains.

There are tools and resources available to help companies in this process. Join Source Intelligence for our upcoming webinar, Modern Day Slavery: The Harsh Reality of Globalized Supply Chains, where we will be discussing emerging forms of slavery, evolving regulations and the importance of supplier communication and data validation. This webinar will take place on June 30th, 2016, at 11:00 Central European Time. We will be releasing the On Demand feature on July 1st.


Human trafficking leads to various forms of Modern Day Slavery and Forced Labor


Victim is forced to take on a debt as part of an employment agreement

The victim believes that leaving would result in serious legal consequences or physical harm

Victim is trapped in work within private homes by the use of force


You can register for the webinar here.


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