Singapore Adopts RoHS-Like Directive


The trend towards supply chain transparency is not only growing and evolving within areas already implementing regulations, but it is also expanding into new regions. While many in the European Union saw the good that the RoHS directive was doing, others around the world quickly began to take notice.

According to an article published by The Straits Times, Singapore is joining the list of countries adopting their own RoHS-like directive.


RoHS Directive Goes Global


The Straits Times reported that a National Environmental Agency representative was quoted as saying, “Singapore's framework is adapted from the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive and it will restrict six hazardous substances in six controlled electrical and electronic equipment.", adding to the rapidly-expanding Asian market.

While no rollout date has officially been announced, many are eager to see how many products will be affected. With electronic manufacturing accounting for nearly 80 billion dollars in the country, implementing such a directive will no doubt have a significant impact on how businesses operate in the region.

Ensuring that supply chains remain undisrupted in the face of compliance issues is a major part of how any company operates. While staying ahead of the regulatory curve and the competition are important perks to having a comprehensive restricted substances program, there are other benefits as well. As millennials rapidly become a significant portion of the consumer base for many industries, they are demanding full transparency from the companies they purchase from.

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