Source Intelligence Expanding Sustainability Leadership In 2016


Corporate social responsibility has taken center stage and has been focused on the integration of social and environmental concerns in a company’s business operations. This has been reinforced by the socially-conscious consumer environment.

Supply Chains under Pressure for Transparency and Sustainability


Some of the most powerful marketing tools today are the wide array of social media platforms, and the supply chain industry has certainly taken notice the past few years.

To address the increased pressure of transparency and sustainability, the annual Retail Sustainability and Environmental Compliance Conference is scheduled to take place September 27th-30th. The conference is set to promote educational and networking opportunities for supply chain professionals in a variety of different companies. Attendees are expected to be senior executives from merchandising, energy, real estate, and government affairs to name a few. This showcases the vast array of attention that is being poured into understanding and better implementing sustainability programs.


Source Intelligence's Leadership


“Source Intelligence is a leading voice in supply chain compliance for the retail industry," said Lina Ramos, Chief Business Officer at Source. "As the landscape of regulatory requirements evolves and puts brand equity at risk for retailers and their suppliers, the thought leadership from RILA's Retail Sustainability Initiative (RSI) serves the entire industry and we are proud to be a part of the group."

As the trend towards building a more sustainable supply chain continues to grow, so to must a company’s answers for those demands. The consumer market will seek out those who are ensuring that the materials they sell are sourced ethically and that corporate social responsibility is being handled. To find out how Source Intelligence can help you meet these demands, click here.


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