Source Intelligence Growing Through Investment


Source Intelligence, the global leader for supply chain compliance solutions, is once again growing and expanding.  We are very excited to share this important announcement with you.

Developing the Best Compliance Software Solutions


Source Intelligence has received a $17.5 million investment by Kayne Partners to fund ongoing growth of its network and to meet increased demand for its technologically advanced information platform. Kayne Partners is the growth private equity group of Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.P., a Los Angeles-based alternative investment firm managing more than $22 billion in assets.

As you probably know, Source Intelligence’s industry-leading platform and network has gained hundreds of thousands of users. These users include many Fortune 500 customers globally. The company’s reliability in authenticating a vast and constantly changing web of supply chain information helps companies meet increasingly strict regulations regarding conflict minerals, restricted (chemical) substances, and other sustainability and environmental issues.

As Source Intelligence’s incredible growth rate increases now at approximately 1,000 platform users per day and we continue to gain customers in the U.S., Europe, Asia and other strategic markets, the support of Kayne Partners will help accelerate the product roadmap and accomplish our hiring plans.

Our team continues to work 24/7 to help companies reduce risk, comply with growing compliance and regulation issues and meet increasing demands from stockholders, stakeholders and the public to be responsible corporate citizens.  Source Intelligence has become a must-have partner for companies around the world.

We hope you share our enthusiasm with our funding announcement and hope you spread the word. We truly believe Source Intelligence is making the world a better place to live.


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