California Prop 65: Changes, Warning Labels, And More

by Source Intelligence

on December 12, 2017


Source Intelligence, Environmental Law Group LLP, and Prop 65 News are proud to bring you California Proposition 65: Changes, Warning Labels, And More. In this webinar, you'll learn about new warning label requirements, variations in warning labels, 60-day notice guidelines, compliance best practices, and more a step-by-step Prop 65 compliance process outline.


In This Webinar, You'll Learn:

  • Old vs. new warning label requirements
  • Warning label situations and special labeling requirements
  • Industry-specific guidelines
  • How to address CA Prop 65 bounty hunter litigation
  • 60-day notice guidelines
  • Compliance best practices for transitioning to new regulation guidelines
  • The role of supply chain data aggregation and best practices surrounding supply chain data exchange.
  • Overview: December 6th, 2017 public release on article 6


Our Panel

  • Zephen Specht, Director of Compliance Product Research at Source Intelligence
  • Jack Schatz, Editor-In-Chief at Prop 65 News
  • S. Wayne Rosenbaum, Environmental Law Group, LLC



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