Chemical in Sunscreen Products May Be Damaging Reefs

Personal safety has seen a large increase in awareness and adherence over the years, and a trip to the beach is no different. With the summer season winding down, beaches around the world are starting to see less visitors. A recent study however, has found that beach-going visitors might be unintentionally leaving a harmful impact on the destinations they enjoy so much.


Coral Damage, Ocean Pollution by Chemicals



According to an article published by The Straits Times, “Oxybenzone - also known as BP-3 or Benzophenone-3 - is found in more than 3,500 sunscreen products worldwide…”, this chemical is what has raised some concerns amongst scientists. They have postulated that the chemical blocks ultraviolet rays in baby coral leading to damage and occasionally, death.

This concern comes at a time where climate change as well as weather patterns have spread the chemical throughout various parts of the ocean. The article further stated that “The chemical gets into the water via swimmer’s bodies and wastewater from coastal septic systems”, showing that this problem will only get more pervasive as time goes on.

While these effects were not intentional, now that they have been noted, many companies will be seeking less harmful alternatives. The consumer market has seen a shift wherein people are more apt to purchase products that are environmentally-friendly.

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