Global Conflict Minerals Compliance: A Complete Guide

Efficiently Conducting 3TG Due Diligence for Global Conflict Minerals Regulation Compliance


Conflict minerals compliance is the process of conducting due diligence to identify the source of conflict minerals in a supply chain and reporting on utilized smelters and/or refiners to ensure conflict-free minerals sourcing from various regions around the world.

Although complex and resource-intensive, conflict minerals compliance is mandatory. Without companies taking responsibility for conducting due diligence and 3TG reporting, armed conflict, regional instability, and human rights abuses will continue to be perpetuated in countries across the globe.

Both the United States and the European Union require conflict minerals compliance from companies, suppliers, importers, etc., within the scope of their respective laws. Similar laws are developing in other countries, making it crucial for companies to understand conflict minerals compliance on a global scale.

In this E-Book, we will explore:

  • The problem with conflict minerals
    • What are conflict minerals?
    • Why are conflict minerals a problem?
  • Global conflict minerals laws
    • Section 1502 of the U.S. Dodd-Frank Act
    • The EU Conflict Minerals Regulation
  • Leveraging the CMRT for reporting
    • What information is included in a CMRT?
  • Beyond 3TG: The Future of Responsible Minerals Reporting
    • Reporting on unregulated minerals in your supply chain
    • The Extended Minerals Reporting Template (EMRT)
    • The Pilot Reporting Template (PRT)
  • How Source Intelligence’s Conflict Minerals program can help

Download the E-Book to learn more:

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