An Introduction to California Proposition 65

A Complete Guide to Understanding and Complying with California Prop 65


California Proposition 65 is a state law that affects California businesses and companies operating in California. It applies to all products sold within the state, as well as residential and workplace areas. Complying with the law protects businesses from steep fines, expensive lawsuits, and potential reputational damage.


This E-Book is intended to serve as a complete guide to understanding and complying with California Prop 65 requirements. It covers all aspects of Prop 65, including the chemical list, warning label requirements, safe harbor levels, and more. It will also provide an overview of how Source Intelligence’s Prop 65 program simplifies Prop 65 compliance and helps companies reduce risk. 


In this E-Book, you'll learn:

  • California Prop 65 basics
  • Prop 65 warning label requirements
  • Prop 65 safe harbor levels
  • Prop 65 enforcement trends and penalties
  • How to simplify Prop 65 compliance with Source Intelligence

Download the E-Book to:

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