ISO 14001 Management Systems: Promoting Circular Production

Executive Summary

Interest in circular economy principles continues to grow as organizations seek solutions to address risks stemming from our planet’s diminishing natural capital. Companies are increasingly interested in ways to make their production more resource efficient and reduce waste.

They may not be aware, however, that their ISO 14001 Environmental Management System provides an effective framework for adopting circular production practices. Here we discuss how meeting the requirements of ISO 14001 promotes “cradle to cradle” production. We start by providing some background on the circular economy concept and its benefits.


In this white paper, we go into detail on the following topics:

  • Circular economy principles
  • Key ISO 14001:2015 requirements that support adoption of circular production practices
  • Examples of how organizations have addressed environmental impacts up and down the supply chain by adopting circular thinking
  • Ideas for adopting cradle-to-cradle initiatives as part of your EMS 


Download our White Paper to learn more:


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