Palm Oil and Consumer Products - An Unhealthy Relationship?

by Matt Thorn

on February 14, 2019

Executive Summary

Nutella has recently become a big topic in health media, with numerous stories either claiming or refuting that the food product causes cancer. As is always the case in health-related media trends, it can be hard to separate what is good and useful information from what may be just attempts to lure in web traffic or promote an agenda. Furthermore, other relevant questions are often ignored in favor of repeating the same points already being covered. Because of this, it can be difficult for companies or consumers to make an informed decision regarding the issue.

In this paper, you’ll get an overview of the major concerns that are being discussed and receive answers to the question being asked by many: Is palm oil a threat to consumer health? Lastly, we’ll provide some insight into how these concerns may impact food companies that use palm oil in their products, a question that has largely been unanswered in the news.

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