Canadian Government Expresses Concerns Over Phthalate Substances.

The Canadian government has identified a select group of phthalate substances as a priority for action in their Chemical Management Plan (CMP), according to a post on  The Substance Grouping Initiative on the Canadian Government’s Chemical Substances online section. The concern for the potential risk from these substances will be addressed in the second phase of the CMP for their “cumulative risk from combined exposure.”


Approach to Phthalate Substances in Canada


The fourteen phthalate substances were selected for various reasons. Among the reasons were their wide range of consumer product uses, potential impacts on the environment, reproductive and developmental effects, and concerns for international distribution. The government of Canada has addressed these concerns by adding the fourteen phthalate substances to an existing group of substances that are all now under their New Substances Notification Regulations (Chemicals and Polymers). From August 2015 until September 30th, the Canadian government has also opened a public discussion for a proposed approach to the phthalate substances. You can engage in the public discussion here.

With the standards for classification and risk assessment being a fluid conversation, it becomes critical to stay abreast of notifications. To find out how you can stay informed of ongoing regulations regarding chemical and risk management, click here for a complimentary assessment with a member from Source Intelligence’s chemical management and education team.


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