What to Know About Prop 65's Ruling on Bisphenol A (BPA)



In November of 2016, California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) announced a notice of adoption of new Bisphenol A, or BPA, reporting rules under the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act (Prop 65). The law applies to businesses that provide safe harbor point of sale warnings for BPA exposures from canned or bottled foods. All companies that do so must provide a list of products containing those warnings to the OEHHA. Some businesses use BPA to manufacture can linings, jar seals, or bottle seals. The Proposition 65 list designates BPA as toxic to the female reproductive system. The state originally listed the chemical as a developmental toxin in 2013, and then a female reproductive toxin in 2015. Are you confident enough in the accuracy of your supply chain data to meet OEHHA’s provision? Click the link below to learn more about California Prop 65 and supply chain compliance.


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