Safety Conference Scheduled To Discuss Ethanol Standards

by Source Intelligence

on October 1, 2015

As the trend for safety and compliance issues become more paramount, entities such as the Nebraska Ethanol Board are taking a proactive and forward-thinking approach to safety. According to an article published by, safety gurus from various organizations will meet to discuss multiple compliance and safety issues. The annual meeting is set for October 13th in Kearney, Nebraska.


Compliance and Safety Issues in Ethanol Production



The summit, which is set to discuss environment, health, and safety issues, is now in it’s 11th year. The article written by quoted Todd Sneller, the Nebraska Ethanol Board administrator as saying, “This is a great opportunity to network and learn about the latest government regulations and compliance changes.”, showing the palpable excitement over the upcoming discussion.

This conference has illustrated that many organizations both governmental as well as private/public companies are rapidly focusing on improving chemical safety. To find out more about the summit, visit the Nebraska Ethanol Board at

Having compliance experts and industry thought leaders in your organization's corner is critical to understanding the evolving landscape of environment, health, and safety issues. Adhering to regulations that address these issues is vital to any company’s well-being. To find out how Source Intelligence can be a safety champion in your corner, click here.


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