Source Intelligence Applauds Companies Named to Fortune Magazine’s “Change the World” List

by Source Intelligence

on August 26, 2016

CARLSBAD, CA (August 26, 2016) – Source Intelligence salutes its customers who were selected to this year’s prestigious “Change the World” list developed by Fortune magazine to identify 50 companies across the globe that are taking on major environmental, social and ethical issues.

Source Intelligence’s® cloud-based SaaS-based supply chain transparency platform is used by companies worldwide to meet growing international regulations, demands by investors and consumers for increased corporate social and environmental responsibility, and to conclusively validate corporate compliance efforts with suppliers.


Companies Committed to Change the World for the Better


Selected for this year’s “Change the World” list include current Source Intelligence customers Schneider Electric, Gap and Starbucks.

“Source Intelligence’s entire mission is to make the world a better place. We are proud to provide an invaluable tool to many of the world’s most recognized brands in their quest to affect positive change around the globe,” said CEO Jess Kraus. “Source Intelligence continues to prove itself as a critical component for companies that not only seek ways to reduce their risk, but also want to help undeveloped countries, improve the lives of the under-served and prevent damage to the environment.”



Source Intelligence® (SI) is a global network of businesses linked together to expedite the exchange and validation of compliance information. SI's cloud-based SaaS platform helps customers make informed decisions about business partners to offer products that meet legal, ethical, and environmental standards. The company's information and analytics platform provides customers with visibility into supply chains in order to comply with the law, minimize operational and brand risk, and improve efficiency. Founded in 2009 by career experts in environmental solutions and analytics, Source Intelligence® has headquarters in Carlsbad, California and operations worldwide. SI has received multiple awards, including the "2015 GRC Innovation Award" by analyst firm GRC 20/20, "Most Promising Supply Chain Tech Solution Provider for 2014 and 2015" by CIO Review, and CEO Jess Kraus was recently named "CEO of the Year" by CIO Review.


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