Best Practices for End-to-end Supply Chain Due Diligence in the EU

by Source Intelligence

on August 10, 2016


We are excited to present the topic of an end-to-end supply chain due diligence program here today with Martello Risk. Whether you are knee-deep in your program or just getting started, you will find value in this webinar. We will be discussing:

  • EU Conflict Minerals
  • Implementing a supply chain compliance program
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Auditing best practices

Source Intelligence partners with Martello Risk for this webinar. Martello Risk conducts third-party, upstream supply chain audits for international companies that include areas from South America to the Middle East. With over 20 years of experience working on the political economy of extractive industries and conflict-affected areas, much of it undertaken in the field, Dr. Caspar Fithen is an internationally knowledged expert on the management of natural resources. Caspar also holds a Ph.D. in the conflict economy of West African diamond trade from the University College of London.

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