Understanding REACH on a Global Scale

A Complete Guide to REACH - the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals



REACH – the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals – is a regulatory framework intended to protect human health and the environment from risks posed by exposure to chemical substances. Generally, REACH regulations apply to all chemical substances, including those used in industrial processes, the workplace, and everyday household items.

Several countries across the globe have enacted REACH regulations, but one of the first to be implemented was the European Union’s REACH (EC 1907/2006) in 2007. EU REACH is considered the standard for REACH compliance, sharing a similar purpose with REACH regulations in other countries. The primary difference between worldwide REACH regulations is data collection and reporting requirements.


This e-book will explore various REACH regulations around the globe. It will also provide general tips to simplify the REACH compliance process. Finally, it will explain how using Source Intelligence’s REACH compliance solution streamlines the supplier communication and data collection process.


In this e-book, you'll learn: 

  • Global REACH Regulations
    • European Union (EU) REACH
    • United Kingdom (UK) REACH
    • China REACH
  • Additional REACH Regulations Across the Globe
  • Countries with Draft REACH Regulations
  • Tips to Simplify REACH Compliance
  • How Source Intelligence Can Help


Download the e-book to learn more:

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