Understanding the New EPA PFAS Ruling

Business Implications and Compliance Requirements Under the Environmental Protection Agency's TSCA Section 8(a)(7) PFAS Reporting Rule

In this 60-minute session, Source Intelligence experts will conduct a deep dive into the recently announced EPA PFAS ruling under TSCA Section 8(a)(7), its objectives, and its impact on various industries. Find out how Source Intelligence can aid your compliance efforts and prepare you for the 2025 submission deadline.

What you'll learn:

  • What are PFAS and the importance of addressing contamination
  • Requirements of the new ruling
  • Compliance deadlines
  • How to streamline your compliance efforts with Source Intelligence

Watch the webinar on-demand or download slides:


About the panelist

Nikki Johnson

Vice President of Environmental Engineering
Source Intelligence

Nikki Johnson is the VP of Environmental Engineering at Source Intelligence and has been working in the environmental compliance industry for over 17 years. She sits on several IPC committees related to the development of the 175x series of standards which are used to declare product compliance. Her passion for chemistry and the environment led her to pursue a career in protecting our resources and people with proper electronics substance reporting and regulations. Nikki obtained her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Oklahoma State University.

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