What is a Full Materials Disclosure (FMD) and Why is it Important?

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Hello, Kyle with Source Intelligence here. Today I’d like to talk about Full Materials Disclosures or FMDs. I’ll answer two questions: what is an FMD and why is it important.


0:20 What is an FMD?

So what is an FMD? An FMD is a complete description right down to the raw materials of the parts, components, and/or substances that make up a product. Raw materials can be familiar things like tin, cotton, gold or they can be more complex like cadmium sulfide or ammonium sulfate, a common ingredient in fertilizer. Now what kind of products are we talking about? Well, they could be anything. They could be products like a cotton T-shirt, or gold earrings, or they could be more complex like a computer or a car.


0:59 Why Are FMDs so Important?

So why are FMDs important? Well, more and more companies are deciding to ban certain substances or chemicals from the products they sell. And many companies have to comply with more and more regulations. They need to know everything that goes into a product. Some countries have restricted the import of products containing certain substances, for example, nonylphenol ethoxylates, typically used in textile production as a wetting agent or detergent or emulsifier. Certain American states have banned the use of particular substances in certain products, for example, lead in a children’s toy. This is why FMDs are so important. Companies have to know everything that goes into a product so they can make sure they comply with the government and corporate requirements. 


1:55 How to Create an FMD

Source Intelligence lets you create an FMD online. You can fill it out once a year or when there’s a material change and then make it available to all of your customers. And if you don’t know everything that goes into a product it’s no stress. It’s easy to invite your suppliers to contribute their information as well. Everything can be rolled up into one FMD. An advantage of completing an FMD once for your products is that your customers don’t have to come back to you many times for more information whenever there’s a change to a regulation.


2:32 What About Test Results?

You might be thinking, “but I’ve tested my products. Why aren’t my product test results enough?” This is because tests are limited to only the materials tested for. You may have tested for cadmium or mercury, but there are many other substances either regulated by the government or banned by companies. Remember, the goal of an FMD is to understand everything that goes into a product. But don’t worry, Source Intelligence makes it easy for you. Give us a call, email, or chat anytime. We are here 24 hours a day 365 days a year ready and willing to help.


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