Celebrating Responsible Mineral Sourcing This Week at EICC/CFSI!


We have enjoyed being a part of great conversations and sessions this week at EICC’s Responsible Electronics and CFSI’s Responsible Mineral Sourcing Annual Conference in San Jose, California!

Innovative Corporate Social Responsibility


We look forward to continue collaborating with fellow colleagues on innovative corporate social responsibility initiatives in global electronics supply chains. Specifically, our Director of Sustainability & Compliance Services, Michelle Turner, PhD, will share integral data and perspectives today on how to critique and improve supply chain surveys.

If you are attending CFSI’s Annual conference, be sure to attend Michelle’s session and stop by our booth for an opportunity to win an Apple iWatch.

Critiquing and Improving Supply Chain Surveys: Data Quality, Integrity and Limitations
Thursday, September 24, 3:30PM
CFSI Responsible Mineral Sourcing Conference, San Jose, California

Companies face myriad hurdles when trying to gather and analyze data on conflict minerals. Are there advantages to any particular approach? What are common expectations in terms of volume or quality of data? How can this data be translated for greater understanding of risks to responsible sourcing?

If you are not able to attend the CFSI Responsible Mineral Sourcing Conference, we would be happy to share her presentation after the event concludes. 


Leading the Way to Sustainability and Compliance


An expert in environmental regulatory compliance and public health, Turner oversees environmental, health and safety regulatory projects at Source Intelligence. Instrumental in service delivery of conflict minerals compliance solutions, she leads Source Intelligence’s environmental management systems, auditing, and sustainability services. Prior to joining Source Intelligence, Dr. Turner worked in academia researching adverse health impacts of chemical exposures.


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