One Week After the Conflict Minerals Filings, Here's What We Know

by Source Intelligence

on June 13, 2016


Transparency is the key to complete traceability in supply chain. When transparency increases, companies have better insights into where their products are coming from and how they’ve been made. Data is the key in supplier networks that provides greater data accuracy, clarity, and insights, leading to more contextual intelligence shared across supply chains.

Source Intelligence leverages data to make data driven decisions to help our consumers make better choices about the products they buy. We conducted one such data analysis project on the SEC filings submitted for RY 2015. This gave us insights into whether companies are becoming more aware about the importance of supply chain transparency.


Conflict Minerals SD Forms Filings


Over 1200 Form SDs were submitted and over 970 Conflict Mineral Reports (CMR) were submitted this year for RY 2015 (to date).

Of the total filers, we saw an increase in the number of CMRs filed this year as compared to last year. Below is the graphical representation. 80% of total filers submitted a conflict minerals report for RY 2015 as compared to 65% for RY 2014. This could be an indicator of companies becoming more transparent with time.

For more information on the SEC filings and to get the full report click here



SEC Filing Data RY 2015 SEC Filing Data RY 2015



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