Source Intelligence Announces SCIP Database Compliance Solution

With the ECHA SCIP submission deadline around the corner, Source Intelligence makes compliance affordable and accessible for businesses of all sizes through AI technology.


Carlsbad, CA: Source Intelligence, a SaaS company providing compliance data on supply chains for over 50 global regulations, has released a program that automates compliance for the new ECHA SCIP regulation. The Source Intelligence SCIP program allows businesses to upload their suppliers to a central platform. Once uploaded, AI technology gathers and validates necessary documentation from the supply chain. This allows businesses to gain quick access to article information needed, roll up the data collected into proper SCIP submission formatting, and submit dossiers to the ECHA all on one platform. 


The biggest challenges businesses face when it comes to SCIP compliance are the wealth of article information needed from their entire supply chain, the time-consuming process of manually creating dossiers for each product, and staying flexible to the many changes the regulation has endured. Of the new program, Source Intelligence’s President and Co-Founder Matt Thorn said, “We want to make SCIP compliance accessible to businesses of all sizes. Keeping SCIP in-house can prove very costly, especially at a time when businesses are focusing on staying afloat. With our AI solution, we let technology do the heavy lifting whether you need help with part or all of the process.”


With a launch date of January 5th, 2021, now is the time to get started on gathering data. The SCIP regulation requires businesses that conduct business in the EU to compile and submit article and complex object data in a specified format for each product that contains SVHCs. This data will be made public through a database and will allow for improved hazardous waste management and increased consumer awareness. If you are actively running compliance programs for REACH SVHCs, you will need to comply with SCIP to continue business in the EU. 

About Source Intelligence: Source Intelligence has automated supply chain compliance for over a decade. Source Intelligence has used AI and machine learning technology to gather and validate supply chain data for over 300,000 companies for due diligence, regulatory compliance, risk management, and ESG initiatives. To learn more, visit

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