Source Intelligence’s Supply Chain Compliance Platform Product of the Year


Source Intelligence’s supply chain compliance solution was awarded the 2016 “Product of the Year” by the prestigious Environmental Leader news media organization, officials announced today.

Best Supply Chain Compliance Platform


Source Intelligence’s® cloud-based SaaS-based platform is being sought after by companies worldwide to meet growing international regulations, demands by investors and consumers for increased corporate social and environmental responsibility, and to conclusively validate corporate compliance efforts with suppliers.


“Source Intelligence is very proud to be recognized by Environmental Leader for our success in creating a scalable, flexible engine that addresses all transparency needs – from conflict minerals to forced labor, regulated materials, and more,”


Judges noted that SI’s platform provided companies with “productivity gains,” was “a universal solution for a challenging responsibility,” and “has been documented to be cost-effective and is contained within an open network. This allows suppliers to post their compliance information for SI to validate, and for end-users to create their own custom dashboards for analysis and report generation.”

“This selection recognizes the hard work of a highly creative team at Source Intelligence and a best-in-class solution for companies large and small.” said CEO Jess Kraus. The award was presented to Source Intelligence today at Environmental Leader’s conference in Denver.


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