Sustainable Cotton: Clothing Future Generations

Source Intelligence is proud to serve many of the world’s largest companies and well-known brands. We help gather essential sustainability and compliance information from their supply chains, analyze it and turn it into intelligence which facilitates informed decision making. 

Today we hear the terms sustainability, social responsibility, environmental social governance and product stewardship tossed around but the truth is most people don’t realize the true impact or importance of these efforts. We take many of our natural resources for granted and time is running out. Some may dispute these claims but sustainability professionals know the truth and are acting to change perceptions through education and demonstrated practice.


Bringing Awareness to Social and Environmental Responsibility


We are encouraged by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and Non-profit Organizations who bring together large corporations, collect and disseminate scientific information and use it to educate farmers, corporations and the public. Organizations like the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)  and the Sustainable Cotton Project are facilitating collaboration between companies and stakeholders willing to put forth bold ideas for worthwhile change.


These efforts are key underpinnings which help to change the way we think about cotton, the manufacture of clothing and apparel and resource consumption. Many of these organizations gather stakeholders to establish initiatives that develop and promote good farming practices. This allows more cotton to be grown while reducing water and chemical use as well as protecting both working conditions and biodiversity. It is through these efforts that corporations can be guided toward advancing long-term planning and more sustainable business practices.


Compliance Data Toward Sustainability


Source Intelligence shares the same values and works to find new innovative methods to gather sustainability and compliance data to further the bold efforts of our clients. We streamline processes and create avenues for our client’s supply chain vendors to easily respond to requests and submit information so that timely reporting can be accomplished and metrics can be established to support continuous improvement. We are finding new ways to process data and validate content utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to speed up the time to convert information into knowledge.


As our world evolves and challenges grow, Source Intelligence is committed to remaining on the cutting edge of gathering, analyzing and processing supply chain sustainability and compliance data. We are passionate about working with the world’s largest brands to support their efforts. We believe that together companies can leverage one another’s competencies to impact significant change for our environment and future generations.

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