California Safer Consumer Products Program

The California Safer Consumer Products (SCP) regulation is designed to reduce toxic chemicals in the products that consumers buy and use.

The goals of this program are to reduce toxic chemicals in consumer products, create new business opportunities in the emerging safer consumer products industry, and help consumers and businesses identify what is in the products they buy for their families and customers.

Who is Affected?

Industries affected include Retail, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Apparel, Consumer Goods, Industrial Manufacturing, Aerospace and Defense.

What is Required?

Under the California Safer Consumer Products regulation, companies are required to collect product data, and determine a list of priority products under the regulation requirements.


Manage California SCP Compliance

Source Intelligence utilizes two compliance process flows to help companies comply with the California Safer Consumer Products Regulation and manage restricted substance product data:

  • Full Material Declaration (FMD) for a customer’s product in order to determine the chemical composition of a product. The system is also to accept Certificates of Conformity (CoC), Laboratory Test Reports (LTR), or Manufacturing Contract Agreement (MCA) from the customer’s supply chain in leu of an FMD.
  • A Product Assessment process that combines company level and product level data collection and analysis.

The result is the real-time identification of restricted substances in your supply chain. Source Intelligence provides training, information and tools to help suppliers exchange accurate information and improve their own compliance efforts.


Why Use Source Intelligence?

Compliance happens with Source Intelligence – a single place for supplier engagement, document and data collection, supplier intelligence, and real time compliance reporting for over 50 regulatory requirements and sustainability standards.

Centralize your supply chain, pick your programs, gather information and understand compliance through intelligence. 

Program workflows, automated supplier engagement, data organization, and dynamic reporting allow you to seamlessly gather and report compliance information.

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