CARB Consumer Products Compliance

In January 2015, the Air Resources Board established VOC limits for various categories of consumer products under the Consumer Products Regulation. Businesses that sell products in California are required to comply with this regulation. Through the collection of Full Material Declarations (FMDs) for products, the constituent materials and chemical of a product can be determined and checked against the continually growing list of restricted chemicals. In addition Certificates of Conformity (CoC), Laboratory Test Reports (LTR), or Manufacturing Contract Agreement (MCA) from the customer’s supply chain can also be collected.


Source Intelligence CARB Compliance Solution

Want to know if your products comply with the California Air Resources Board Consumer Products requirements? Find out fast with Source Intelligence. Easily load supplier and product data then assess the contents of your product against the CARB Consumer Products chemical list. Source Intelligence simplifies the compliance process by collecting and analyzing the information you need. Our AI-powered platform allows you to:

  • Upload your products
  • Request information from your suppliers
  • Run your product information against all chemical and material restrictions associated with CARB Consumer Products Regulation
  • Roll all your information up into a concise report


CARB Consumer Products Compliance

We work with your suppliers to get you the information you need. We assess the incoming information and identify parts and components that are not in compliance.


Document Analysis

Your suppliers may have sent you documents, but are they accurate? With the enterprise CARB Consumer Products program, your dedicated program manager analyzes documentation for completion and accuracy. If inaccuracies are found, the supplier is notified and asked to provide clarification or rectify the issue.


Supplier Engagement

Our dedicated supplier engagement team develops positive relationships with your suppliers and offers them 24/7 multilingual support via phone, email or live chat. Our engagement process empowers your suppliers to get you the accurate data you need.

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