Chemical Exposure Associated With Diabetes And Obesity

by Source Intelligence

on October 2, 2015

Two of the most looming threats to modern health that people are becoming all too familiar with are diabetes and obesity. They have quickly raised concerns of health experts and the general populace alike and now there is a less pronounced culprit that scientists are taking notice of.

According to an article published in Yahoo! Health, the Endocrine Society has recently released new evidence that “points to a link between endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure and both diabetes and obesity”, adding to the list of causes for the diseases.


The Reality of Chemicals and Health Concerns


Products that contain the chemicals of concern that the article mentioned were “DDT and other pesticides, plasticizers such as bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, and flame-retardants…”, less conspicuous items were also mentioned, “cash register receipts, plastic bottles, metal food cans, food, toys, and cosmetics”, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

As knowledge of the harmful effects of chemical exposure continues to grow, so are the regulations that govern chemical usage, amounts, and to what extent they can be used in products or manufacturing. This trend has gained traction over the years through various compliance regulations such as CA Prop 65, REACH, and RoHS. As this trend continues to grow, it is critical and responsible to stay informed and compliant with all chemical regulations. This will ensure undisrupted supply chains and social positive regard.

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