Overcoming The Biggest Conflict Minerals Reporting Challenges

With the 2022 reporting deadline fast approaching, businesses that source 3TG minerals (tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold) are now starting to gather extensive smelter data and submit it to the SEC. However, this task is often complicated or impossible due to a lack of supply chain transparency, the number of manual hours required, and many other common challenges. Our panel of experts takes an in-depth look at how both enterprises and suppliers can successfully tackle these issues and more. Save your seat to find out how you can make this reporting year streamlined and turn the data into impactful ways to lower supply chain risk. 


In this webinar you will learn:

  • Conflict Minerals benchmarking data from reporting year 2021 and what it means for 2022
  • How to tackle the biggest challenges with Conflict Minerals data collection from both the supplier and enterprise perspectives
  • EU Conflict Minerals Regulation and differences from Dodd-Frank reporting
  • The Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) and the new Extended Minerals Reporting Template (EMRT)
  • Free tools and resources for successful Conflict Minerals reporting


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Our Panel of Experts


Source Intelligence team of Conflict Minerals experts provide their perspectives on conflict minerals reporting issues and answer questions including:

  • Who needs to comply with the EU Conflict Minerals regulation? How does it differ from US Conflict Minerals compliance?
  • What is the new EMRT and how can businesses use it to minimize risks?
  • What are reporting best practices?


Brooke Scruggs


Senior Program Manager At Source Intelligence

Brooke Scruggs is a Senior Program Manager at Source Intelligence® and manages the tracing of supply chains and regulatory compliance for global brands. She has been managing Conflict Mineral programs since 2013 and works with a range of customers across various business sectors including retail, consumer products, and electronics. In addition to her current sole, she also serves as Smelter Team Lead where she oversees Source Intelligence’s Conflict Minerals Compliance Program (CMCP) metal processor research and verification process. Brooke obtained her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Systems & Society from the University of California, Los Angeles.


Jacquelyn Madarang


Director of Product and Regulatory Compliance At Source Intelligence

Jackie Madarang is the Director of Product and Regulatory Compliance at Source Intelligence®. She has worked in various worldwide firms within the electronics industry for manufacturing, environmental health and safety, and supply chain. Jackie was the founder of an ESG program for supply chain during her time at Intel, helping supplier factories implement and enhance their CSR programs for EHS and HR. She is also the lead auditor for RBA Code of Conduct, ISO14001 and 45001, and a subject matter expert in EHS, product compliance, and QMS. Jackie obtained her bachelor’s degree in chemistry, with American Chemical Society Accreditation from the University of Portland.


Nikki Johnson


VP of Environmental Engineering At Source Intelligence

Nikki Johnson is the VP of Environmental Engineering at Source Intelligence® and has been working in the environmental compliance industry for 16 years. She sits on several IPC committees related to the development of the 175x series of standards and chairs the E-31H Responsible Minerals Sourcing Committee. Her passion for chemistry and the environment led her to pursue a career in protecting our resources and people with proper electronics substance reporting and regulations. Nikki obtained her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Oklahoma State University.


Dr. Jennifer Kraus


Chief Scientific Officer At Source Intelligence

Dr. Jennifer Kraus has over 30 years of experience providing environmental, health, and safety services to customers around the world. Prior to co-founding Source Intelligence®, Dr. Kraus was President of Global Environmental Consulting Company, Inc. (GECCo, Inc.). Dr. Kraus also served as an associate with Dames & Moore, environmental manager for General Dynamics Electronics Division.






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