Source Intelligence Empowers Businesses to Drive ESG Initiatives Throughout Their Supply Chains

Source Intelligence announces a new white paper on “Driving ESG Throughout Your Supply Chain” to help businesses maximize their ESG goals and improve risk management.

Carlsbad, CA January 19, 2021 - Source Intelligence, a SaaS company providing compliance data on supply chains for over 50 global regulations, announces their publication of “Driving ESG Throughout Your Supply Chain” which is available for download on their website. In it, Matt Thorn, President and Co-Founder of Source Intelligence, details how businesses can nurture ESG initiatives throughout their entire supply chain and improve risk management processes. 


“Developing a good relationship with your suppliers and giving them the tools to succeed is a crucial step in successfully implementing this process,” said Matt Thorn. “This can be achieved by telling your suppliers exactly what you need from them and providing them resources to learn and develop their own ESG systems. We’re leveraging our decade of experience to provide the engagement and guidance you need to attain ESG success.” 


Since ESG is a relatively new concept in businesses, many companies struggle to effectively communicate their goals to their suppliers. The lack of internationally accepted guidelines makes developing ESG tracking and reporting systems challenging. Additionally, ESG auditing can require extensive communication throughout your supply chain and time-consuming verification of received information. Source Intelligence’s unique approach to tackling these challenges comes from years of experience and continuous innovation.  


Visit to download a complimentary copy of “Driving ESG Throughout Your Supply Chain.” 

About Source Intelligence: Source Intelligence has been automating supply chain compliance for over a decade. Source Intelligence uses AI and machine learning technology to gather and validate supply chain data for over 300,000 companies for due diligence, regulatory compliance, risk management, and ESG initiatives. To learn more, visit

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