How Businesses Can Easily and Affordably Comply with Global REACH Directives

Source Intelligence announces a new white paper called “Complying With Global REACH Regulations: A Complete Guide” to help businesses succeed with REACH compliance.

Carlsbad, CA, May 11, 2021: Source Intelligence, a leading SaaS company providing compliance data on supply chains for over 50 global regulations, announces their publication of “Complying With Global REACH Regulations: A Complete Guide” which is available for download on their website. In it, Matt Thorn, President and Co-Founder of Source Intelligence, details how businesses can understand the complexities and variations between the different global REACH regulations as well as expert tips to make compliance easier.


“While REACH is an important and accepted regulation, it can also be a challenging process to adhere to. This is mainly due to its many steps and extensive data aggregation requirements,” said Matt Thorn. “Luckily, there are solutions that make collecting, analyzing, and reporting REACH data easier. We’re leveraging our more than a decade of experience to provide the tips and tools you need to be successful with REACH compliance.” 


The white paper details:

  • Why does the REACH regulation exist
  • The different versions of the REACH regulation around the world
  • The steps of the REACH compliance process
  • Expert tips for REACH product compliance
  • The different responsibilities throughout the supply chain

The European Union was one of the first, but many other countries have adopted their own versions of REACH that businesses must comply with. Each has its own set of intricacies and challenges. Source Intelligence’s unique approach to tackling these challenges comes from years of experience and continuous innovation. This includes a single platform for companies to upload a list of their suppliers, request REACH documentation, combine data, and produce reports. The platform quickly analyzes your supply chain to pinpoint any concerns, gaps, and potential reporting issues. It speeds up reporting and removes the costly requirements of having an in-house specialist.   


Visit to download a complimentary copy of “Complying With Global REACH Regulations.” 

About Source Intelligence: Source Intelligence is the leading provider of Conflict Minerals Compliance Solutions and has been automating supply chain compliance for over a decade. Source Intelligence uses AI and machine learning technology to gather and validate supply chain data for over 300,000 companies for due diligence, regulatory compliance, risk management, and ESG initiatives. To learn more, visit

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