Product Compliance for Industrial Manufacturing

A Complete Industry Guide for Product Compliance in the Industrial Manufacturing Industry

Achieving regulatory product compliance in the industrial manufacturing industry requires a deep understanding of the complex regulations and standards that govern the sector. Complicating matters is the sheer volume of regulations, totaling more than 800 worldwide (including REACH, RoHS, and SCIP). Staying current with regulatory obligations, conducting due diligence, and correctly applying documentation are only a few of the many common challenges. Without the proper tools, expertise, or resources, the process is daunting.

Whether a company manages its compliance program in-house or outsources it, the challenges faced across the industry are consistent. Utilizing product compliance best practices can help companies more effectively manage their programs while partnering with a supply chain solution provider streamlines the compliance process and allows companies to focus on their core competencies. Regardless of the approach, finding a solution that helps your business remain compliant and reduce risk is imperative. 

In this e-book, we will explore:

  • Product compliance regulations related to industrial manufacturing
  • Common challenges of product compliance management
  • Best practices for managing product compliance in-house
  • Leveraging product compliance software to streamline compliance
  • How Source Intelligence’s product compliance solutions can help

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