A Professional's Guide to Supply Chain Program Success

by Matt Thorn

on September 9, 2019

Executive Summary


Companies often overlook the importance of supply chain program preparation. While it may seem insignificant, program preparation has a high correlation with success. Preparation can be boiled down to two areas; supplier data provisioning, and pre-launch supplier communication.

Many of our team here at Source Intelligence consider data provisioning to be the backbone of a successful supply chain program. Without clean supplier data, it is extremely challenging to get strong program results. So what exactly do we mean by “clean data”?

In this eBook, we’ll be diving into critical factors of successful supply chain programs. We will also be diving into some of the “choke points” that commonly arise during supply chain programs, and how to overcome them.


We go into detail on the following topics:

  • Program Preparation
  • Pre-Launch Checklist
  • Post-Launch Chokepoints
  • Tips From Experts for Enterprises
  • Tips for Suppliers
  • List of Resources

Download our White Paper to learn more:


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