Understanding RoHS on a Global Scale

A Guide to Global RoHS Compliance

Electrical and electronic equipment, while essential in everyday life, generate a staggering amount of waste each year. These products contain toxic substances that harm human health, animals, and the environment. As a result, many countries worldwide have implemented RoHS programs to minimize hazardous waste generation. 

The European Union’s RoHS directive was the first RoHS program introduced to the global market in 2002, but RoHS programs have rapidly expanded since then and are expected to continue growing over time. Understanding RoHS compliance is critical for actors within the supply chain—particularly manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and importers—to avoid disruptions and legal consequences.

In this e-book, we will explore:
  • The foundations of RoHS compliance
  • Examples of RoHS programs around the world
  • Common challenges of global RoHS compliance
  • How Source Intelligence can simplify RoHS compliance

Download the e-book:


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