Exciting Update from ELEVATE Conference


Today’s session at the ELEVATE conference honed in on the ongoing discussion for industry improvement and focused on amplifying factory performance. A collaboration of forward-thinking minds came together to promote ideas that can lead to enhanced industry standards for workers and responsible sourcing for businesses.

Growing Trend Towards Supply Chain Transparency


A concentrated focus was placed on the idea that “not one solution fits all situations”. The emphasis focused rather on “leverage, relationship history, supplier maturity, and financial strength”.

The ELEVATE conference also included updates on 2014/2015 industry trends. Some key topics that were discussed today included some new policies regarding forced labor and foreign workers, women empowerment initiatives that were taking off, and transparency of factories to include audits/performance increases.

As the growing trend towards supply chain transparency rapidly enters the consciousness of many industries, it becomes an important issue to understand. To enhance understanding and awareness, Lina Ramos and Tristan Mecham of Source Intelligence along with Natalie Grillon from Project JUST and James McMichael from ELEVATE, spoke on a panel titled “Innovative Approaches to Achieve Supply Chain Transparency.”  To view the full conference agenda, click here.


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