Dwyer Instruments Conflict Minerals Success Story

A Successful Transition from Manual Processes to Automated Outreach

Dwyer Instruments is a trusted leader in manufacturing innovative instrumentation solutions for the worldwide HVAC and process automation markets. To manage Conflict Minerals reporting, they manually gathered data from suppliers through their purchasing department and tried to obtain information on a part-by-part basis. This process required additional temporary employees, took time away from key purchasing tasks, and slowed customer response time. They began investigating automated software solutions to improve cost-effectiveness and better manage time.

The Source Intelligence Conflict Minerals Solution

Dwyer was drawn to Source Intelligence because of the thorough demonstrations, the visual representation of data on the platform, and the personal link to account managers, which meant there were multiple points of contact for support. Source Intelligence provided Dwyer with a Conflict Minerals reporting solution that automated supplier outreach and monitored responses with visual reports for easy data analysis. The solution also allows different platforms to be linked, avoiding repetitive vendor requests for the same information, which eases supplier fatigue. The seamless documentation output allowed for efficient and accurate reporting to the SEC to comply with Dodd-Frank section 1502.

Dramatically Increased Supplier Response Rates

Since Dwyer began working with Source Intelligence, the supplier response rate has increased dramatically. Last year, Dwyer’s response rate increased from 52% of their supply chain to 60% in the current reporting year. Since the success of the Conflict Minerals platform, Dwyer has launched additional programs with Source Intelligence to manage REACH, RoHS, and SCIP compliance. In the first quarter of this year, Source Intelligence has obtained over 60% of the required information for Dwyer’s RoHS program, and the other programs are not far behind. Looking forward, they are confident that the platform will be adaptable to regulatory changes.

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“Source Intelligence has been very responsive to our many requests while we establish a program around identifying, gathering, disseminating, and reporting the massive amount of data required by so many different compliance requirements. Our Conflict Minerals program is off to a good start and is, of course, evolving. Source Intelligence is right there with us assisting as we further develop our programs.”

- The Dwyer Compliance Team


Simplify Conflict Minerals Reporting

Conflict minerals regulations require companies in the United States and the European Union to report on conflict minerals used in their supply chain. Compliance can be challenging, as these regulations are always evolving and becoming more complex.  

The Source Intelligence platform helps companies simplify conflict minerals reporting. Our program collects Conflict Minerals Reporting Templates (CMRTs) from suppliers, completes a comprehensive smelter analysis, and monitors supplier responses. The data is compiled into one concise, comprehensive report for data analysis.  

Source Intelligence has automated solutions your team can manage internally, and the experts to provide managed services for your compliance programs. We provide businesses peace of mind by configuring solutions to ensure every part of every product is in line with regulatory standards.

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