Source Intelligence’s Jess Kraus Finalist for Most Admired CEO

The San Diego Business Journal showcased the most admired, high-profile industry leaders during the 2016 Most Admired CEO awards on Thursday. More than a 100 CEOs from a variety of industries attended the event in beautiful San Diego. Thousands of applicants sought recognition but only a fraction were chosen as finalists.


Leader in Environmental and Sustainability Programs



Jess Kraus, CEO and Co-Founder of Source Intelligence, was honored as a finalist. Kraus was recognized for his more than 30 years of experience and leadership in environmental and sustainability programs at some of the world’s largest brands. Source Intelligence has grown under Kraus’ leadership to become the No. 1 provider of supply chain sustainability data services and solutions, and the world’s largest supply chain network, enabling mission critical compliance information exchange and transparency. He is active in many business and civic organizations, including YPO/WPO (Young Presidents Organization/ World President’s Organization) and the San Diego Business Innovation Center.

Source Intelligence delivers supply chain intelligence and supplier data collection and analysis services that support regulatory compliance sustainability and social responsibility initiatives. Experts at engaging suppliers and tracing supply chains, Source Intelligence combines advanced data analytics with powerful visual reporting tools to help clients gain insight into operational efficiencies and spot potential exposure to risks. To find out more about Source Intelligence, click here.


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